Living in Joburg has its definite pros and cons – like all places do of course. But a big pro that must be handed to this city is its huge selection of places to eat. Ranging from quaint, cosy, romantic settings, to the grander, more commercial restaurants that can be found all over.

I particularly love Linden for its quirky feel and all the new, unique little places that have been popping up. And more specifically, a really cute place called Gravity Cafe has quickly become one of my favourite places to pop in for breakfast, or a pancake now and then!


Gravity is snugly situated on 4th Avenue in Linden, easy enough to find, but hidden enough to escape the busy-ness of city life and be able to catch your breath.

Its mixture of really funky decor with tea garden touches makes it one of my favourite places to visit. The outside reminded me straight away of a tea garden where I could spend hours sipping on Five Roses and reading a good book, or writing, in the sunshine. And even though it looks onto the bustling street of 4th Avenue, it doesn’t take away the character of the cafe, but adds hints of authenticity to the already exclusive everyday Joburg eatery.


Now the absolute best part of going there is their breakfast menu. I always have the same thing when I go, but I can’t help it – it’s just THAT AMAZING! I am a sucker for their smoked salmon and hash browns breakfast. It makes my mouth water at the thought! Basically it comes with two hash browns, which are so crispy and just delicious, with smoked salmon on top. Then you can order it with a small salad or fried tomatoes and zucchini. How incredible does that sound?!

The other items on their menu all sound so yummy – they’ve got Belgian waffles, pancakes, wraps, burgers, fresh juices, basically everything drool-worthy!


The owner of this little gem is Rob. I managed to speak to him a bit and he was so cool about me wanting to take some snaps and making sure the food was photogenic enough!

I really love it when I get to see or meet passionate people who are doing what they love. And you can really see it shine through. Whether its through the decor, the food, the happiness of the customers, or everything at once, its really something I love to witness.


If you happen to love Gravity Cafe, or you visit it sometime soon, please let me know! And also, tell me what food you devour!

You can follow Gravity Cafe on Instagram and their website too!


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