The mother city, the tourist grabber, the hub of all things film and television, not to mention breathtaking in every direction – Cape Town, it’s no wonder you’re one of the most loved places on earth!

A couple of weeks ago I went down for a quick weekend, to celebrate a very special friend’s 21st birthday. For the Friday and Saturday I stayed with Angie (one of my oldest and dearest friends) in Newlands. One of the prettiest suburbs, with golden-brown trees lining the sides of streets and the beautiful Table Mountain peeking out in all its glory.

I hadn’t been to Cape Town for a few years, so it was really magical to see the iconic mountain and the absolutely beautiful harbour that nestles the V&A Waterfront.

We managed to pack a bit into my short visit, and I wanted to share it with you…

My first few hours proved to be very relaxing: a long, delicious breakfast at Tascha’s, V&A Waterfront (very much needed and deserved after a 6:30 am flight!), a quick round of grocery shopping and then back to Angie’s house for some chill time and a movie.

Although, if you’ve been to Cape Town you’ll know it’s not lacking in the activities and entertainment department. There is always something happening or something to get involved in. And that’s exactly what we did. We got involved in Lion’s Head!

Don’t be alarmed – it’s not as dramatic as it sounds! If you don’t know, Lion’s Head is a mountain that you can hike up (with numerous panting breaks – for me anyway) and once you’re at the top, you have the most magnificent view of the coastline.

We started our hike at about 17:00 so that we could catch the sunset. I must be honest, I found the hike very tough – it didn’t help that I was with a bunch of really fit people! But the feeling of satisfaction as you reach the top is indescribable. You’re greeted with a taste of Cape Town’s beauty – regardless of what time you go – and you can just sit and really take it all in. The burning sun kissing the deep, blue ocean is a sight that has to be seen for your own eyes. But these pictures can give you some idea!

By the time we had hiked down and got back home I was exhausted and ready for the best shower yet! The rest of our evening consisted of watching a UCT and Stellies hockey match, which was really cool – and also, cold.

Saturday was spent doing something I’ve recently discovered I’m obsessed with: being on a boat. I don’t know why I’ve only realised this now, but there’s something so calming about being on the water and feeling that wind in your face as the boat moves. I love it!

The weather really was amazing – a clear, bright sky, booming sunshine and just overall loveliness!

Spending the whole day sipping champagne, reading a good book and being with one of my best friends, I don’t know how I got so lucky. It was definitely one of my favourite days so far.

I’m one for the simple things in life – and although a boat on Clifton beach isn’t necessarily “simple”, the relaxing day with great people, magnificent views and yummy champagne, is enough to fill my soul and make me grateful.

The end to such a perfect day could only be done right one way: with sushi! And my oh my the sushi was good too…

My last Western Cape adventure for the weekend was the whole reason I went down! My stunning friend Shannon’s 21st birthday.

It took place during the day at a wonderful wine farm in Stellenbosch, called Dunheim. The whole day was absolutely beautiful and so special. Upon arrival we were handed champagne and orange juice and we were treated to the incredible scenery at the wine farm. We sat on pillows on the grass and indulged in the most delicious picnic – salads and breads and chic burgers and nougat and fudge, and of course, wine! Man it was good!

We stayed over in Stellenbosch that night at Shannon’s little flat, enjoying an evening of cocktails and then a long-awaited catch up while lying in bed.

It was a quick weekend indeed, but so much fun and memory-filled! There’s nothing better than traveling – discovering how people live, expanding your little bubble and soaking up special times with special people. It was one to cherish!

What is your favourite thing about traveling?


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