Photo’s taken by the extremely talented Gienna-Maree Barone 


As the cold weather slowly begins to roll in, and the fires begin to burn, my trusty jeans make their way out of my cupboard. Basically every single day.


I really love jeans – I always have and I have no doubt that I always will. Sometimes they can be a bit uncomfortable, like in long car rides or flights, but for the most part I can always count on them when I’m having a “what do I wear!!?!” kind of morning.

I bought these really awesome ones by Missguided from Superbalist and I don’t think I’ve worn any other pants since! I thought I could share a little bit on jeans, different ways to wear them and why I love them. Enjoy!


You can wear them with anything, and still look good.

This is one of the reasons why they’re very much a part of my everyday wardrobe. When I’m feeling very stuck in the morning when getting dressed, I know that a pair of jeans will always come to the rescue. Whether you pair them with a beautiful top and sandals, or a simple t-shirt and high-tops, or even a hoodie on the days you don’t feel like trying. They just go with everything and I feel grateful for that on those rushed mornings!

In this outfit I wore two different pairs of boots. My low heeled ankle boots from Kurt Geiger and my higher heeled ones from YDE. Both pairs suited the jeans amazingly.


You can style the same pair of jeans many different ways.

With any pair of jeans I wear, I always alternate between rolling them up to make them cropped (not only because I’m short!), and just leaving them normal, so they bunch up a bit at my ankles. It’s quite fun to create the cropped look every now and then for something different.

It’s also fun to accessorise with belts and different shoes. Heels look amazing with jeans, but then again so do flip flops! Accessories can change a whole outfit. You can even get those patches with fun pictures or sayings to iron on to your jeans, for a bit of a playful look.


Jeans can be both playful and smart.

Depending on what you choose to wear with your jeans, you can really change the way they look.

For chilled out functions, a t-shirt and All Stars are perfect and you’re ready in 10 seconds.

For something a bit smarter, pairing jeans with a collared shirt, elegant heels and the right jewellery, you instantly have a completely different outfit. I saw a picture of a man who wore really dark jeans to his own wedding even! But I think that maaaay be pushing it just a little…


Let me know what your ‘go-to’ is when it comes to those horribly, rushed mornings!


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