Oh beloved Monday, why do you come so fast?

I’m usually pretty good at getting up in the mornings, I generally only hit the snooze button once. This, for a self-confessed morning hater, is quite an achievement – if I do say so myself!

Strangely enough though, I think for most people a good start to the week lies deeper than refraining from pushing snooze more than once. My idea of ‘healthy living’ is more than just eating fruit and vegetables, but also just daily activities and thoughts. And before you start thinking that I’m someone who has a freakishly healthy diet, exercises everyday and is super strict with sweets, think again. I am always first in line for dessert, I have to physically remind myself to eat fruit during the day and I really need to work on my gym-going. But I am trying, and this is the main thing.

However, here are 5 of my idea healthy living habits that I have really been trying to incorporate into my everyday routine:


Drinking a glass of water as you wake up

This is not to say that the instant you open your well rested eyes, a whole glass of water must be chugged and you should feel all sunshine and daisies. Rather, as you move your still half asleep body from the bed to the start of the day, a glass of water before your coffee is really good. I’ve heard it wakes up your system and gets your metabolism going. And if you can do hot water with lemon and honey, that’s even better.


Saying three positive things out loud

This can feel a bit strange at first – but then when is talking to yourself not strange? (I do it all the time…)

The simple task of saying things like, “I am capable of achieving my goals”, “today will be a good day”, and “I’ve got this” will take you five seconds to do and instantly changes your mindset. I know from first hand experience! When I used to act I started telling myself that I was this extremely confident person, until I began to believe it and this actually lead to me getting roles. The power of the mind is amazing.


Eating a good breakfast

This is probably the one I struggle with the most. A lot of the time I am not really hungry in the morning, before I have to leave. So sometimes I end up having a bowl of cereal, which doesn’t make me feel like the healthiest person. But I always make sure to eat something because of the ever-truthful phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.

When I actually don’t fall victim to enjoying my bowl of cereal (which really is not sustaining), I enjoy making boiled eggs with avocado and tomato. This is probably my favourite. Otherwise I’ll have muesli and yoghurt or some oats.

When I’ve had a good breakfast I feel a lot better and I don’t get hungry as quickly, which is great when you’re busy.


Doing something good in your day

We’re living in such a fast paced world, that it becomes so easy to forget that people are suffering and are in need of help – even if it’s just a simple smile and a hug. There may be a lot of tragedy in the world, but I always try to remind myself that there is also a lot of goodness. If we all remember that ‘a little bit goes a long way’ then we can spread so much love. When somebody compliments you, how long does that feeling of thankfulness and happiness last? Quite a while right? I know for me it does.

The incredible thing is that in order to change the world, we don’t need to move mountains. All it takes is a simple gesture, and you never know when it will be the saving grace someone has been looking for. And in this time of war and destruction in our world, I am trying to find positives wherever I can – because I know so much love is definitely out there.


Practising patience

This is a hard one! Especially in the world we live in where instant gratification is a big thing. I’ve thought a lot about patience lately though as it has always been one of my downfalls.

I definitely think this is something society needs to work on – but for now I’ll start with myself. ? So whenever I am in a situation that is really testing me, I always try to step back and think about why I’m getting so annoyed. Is it really worth my energy to get upset over something like this? And I take it from there.

Taking things one step at a time will make practising patience a lot easier, and will only reduce your stress levels – which sounds like a good deal to me!


What are some ways you like to enjoy a healthy lifestyle? Please share any tips!


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