I love any reason to have a pamper session, but some days it’s just a lot more needed than others. Life can get so ridiculously hectic that you can easily forget to look after yourself. When ‘just a few more minutes of studying’ becomes a few more hours, and going home doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your work day, you can quickly start to feel drained.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to work hard and I’m surrounded by people who share that same mindset. But at the same time, I love to listen to my body when it tells me: ‘you need a break!’ And these few small things are some ways I love to unwind and keep myself feeling good.

A Good Bath (Obviously)

How funny is it that when we were little ‘bath time’ was two of our worst words! But these days I could literally live in a warm bath. It’s honestly the best way to relax after a long day. I never really know which one I look forward to more: bath time or bed time!

It’s just the best when you’ve got some candles, a bath bomb and the yummiest smelling soap…

Quite funny how sitting in a tub of water can calm your mind, but there’s definitely something about it. And I know for sure I will never stop loving a good bath!

Applying a Face Mask

One of my all-time favourite things to do! Face masks are the absolute best. Even putting one on WHILE in the bath. Now we’re talking!

And there are SO MANY different masks to choose from. I have been enjoying these L’Oréal ones lately. I use them on different parts of my face to combat different problem areas, and they always leave me feeling so refreshed and clean.

A face mask is something I would really recommend for a little me-time after a hard day. Even if it’s on while you’re replying to emails or going through some work, it still makes you feel pampered and as though you’ve given yourself a little extra loving. 😉 Which is something we all need more of a lot of the time.

Do Your Hair

I have recently become extremely interested in hair stuff. Beautiful conditioners that smell amazing, hair masks, curling mousse, heat protector – you name it! There’s just so much fun that can be had when doing your hair. And it seriously is calming!

Put on some nice lights, play some happy music that you love and try something different with your locks. It doesn’t have to take you three hours – even just washing my hair makes me feel better! I think it’s that whole idea of ‘washing off the day’ thing. But it is a big help. Once your hair smells nice or feels really soft, you strangely enough begin to feel better.

(Also, how cute are my fairy lights? They make me so happy!)

Paint Your Nails

I get bored of colours on my nails quite quickly, so I enjoy doing them often. Again, I think it’s just the idea of taking off the old and putting on something fresh. But whatever it is, it works!

The process of filing your nails, picking the colour you want, applying all the nail hardeners and base coats, and then the actual colour (guys, it’s a real process) is all so much fun and really calming.

I love to do my nails while I’m watching something on Netflix (probably Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or Gilmore Girls) or even some YouTube videos.

All these things are really just me-time activities, which I think is so important to have. We all need a break from the crazy fast world we live in. And it’s definitely okay to want to have a break alone!

Just thinking of that nice, warm bath is making me want to go and run one now… You feel me?

What are some of your favourite ways to wind down after a hard day?


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