Make-up brushes are certainly key when it comes to a good application. The thing is though,  you don’t need to splurge all your money on every single type of brush there is! I would say there are five basic brushes that provide a good foundation (see what I did there) for those who are make-up newbies.


There are two different types of brushes. You get brushes that have natural hair and then brushes that have synthetic hair. Natural hair brushes are made from different types of animals’ hair, and synthetic hair is manmade. The different hairs allow the brushes to apply different products better.

For powders, bronzers, eyeshadows, etc, natural hair is going to allow you to blend these products more easily than synthetic hair will. The synthetic brushes are great for liquid and cream products, such as foundations and concealers. These manmade hairs hold the product, releasing a great amount onto the desired area.

Now that you have a little bit of background regarding the different hairs you’ll find within brushes, I’m going to share my five essential brushes with you:

1. The Powder Brush

I use this to apply setting powder all over my face and especially on the shinier parts. I also use it when applying my powder highlighter. The hairs are natural and so soft. Everyone definitely needs a powder brush in their collection, it’s an everyday essential!

2. Face Blending Brush

This is one of my favourite brushes. It’s also really soft and it’s a combination of natural and synthetic hairs. I use this when blending in both creams/liquids and powders. It’s very versatile and it blends so quickly. If I don’t have a foundation brush with me, often I’ll just use this because it does the job just as well.

3. Foundation Brush

This brush is amazing because it allows you to get a lot of coverage if that’s what you’re going for. Because it’s synthetic, the hairs hold the product and pack it onto the face. You don’t necessarily have to go full coverage obviously, but it’s good to know that you can! This brush does not blend well though, and so I always go in with the face blender afterwards to ensure there are no patches.

4. Eyeshadow Blending Brushes


When I was studying make-up, my trainers always used to tell us that when we buy brushes: BUY BLENDING BRUSHES! I’ve come to realise why since then. When you’re doing make-up, you honestly never. stop. blending. So that’s a handy little tip for you. 😉 But these blending brushes are amazing and even if you don’t wear much eyeshadow, they are still a must-have for when powdering small spaces.

5. The Application Brush

An application brush is usually always flat. This enables it to pack on eyeshadow and build up the pigment. I use mine everyday, even for a very natural look. And what’s great is that you can use the flat tip and apply shadow to the bottom lash line, for a blended eyeliner.

Investing in brushes is a good idea if you want to achieve a good application, however don’t spend an arm and a leg! All you really need are five basics and you can get the look you want. Just remember to wash them! Even if you’re only using them on yourself, it’s still best to give them a clean at least once a week.

What are your favourite make-up tools? And what are your favourite brushes? Please let me know! I think mine is a tie between the face blending brush and the eyeshadow blending ones – what do you think?


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