When it comes to what’s trending right now, I have to say that dusty pink is high on my list of absolute YES. This colour is so elegant and soft, but at the same time it’s being found in the most striking garments. Proving that pink is not for the faint-hearted 😉

My take on this stunning colour is a dress I bought from IAM Woman clothing. A simple cut, with no sleeves, and a beautiful tie element on the neckline.

When you feel confident in what you’re wearing it’s amazing how your whole attitude towards the day can change. It’s true that fashion and beauty may not be able to change the world, or solve all of its problems. But, it certainly can allow men and women to feel their best, which automatically brings out a better version of yourself. And that’s all the world needs – people who feel absolutely amazing in their skin, who can share this feeling of positivity with others and ultimately just spread some kindness around the world.

This is something that I’ve found with fashion. Whenever I wear something that I think looks good or just makes me feel better, I can easily share that goodness with someone else and give genuine compliments. Is that just me?

I also love to steal my mom’s jackets now and then (because why not!). This Joseph Ribkoff one is really beautiful and it has these laser cut strips all over. It’s pretty edgy and different.

I paired the dress and the jacket with heels from YDE. They are absolutely stunning and I had my eye on them for so long! The heel is shiny silver and quite thick, which I love. And then the actual boot is a suede-like material, with a drawstring to tie at the back.

I felt beautiful wearing this dress with my boots, and I think more people in the world need to feel comfortable admitting this. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and there should be no reason to hide it. This is when we are most powerful and confident – so why not own it and blush away at the compliments!

This is not to say that everyone’s idea of ‘beautiful’ is the same – definitely not. Most of the time I feel my best in pajamas anyway! 😉

I do enjoy dressing up though – as most of you know by now! And I love to share the outfits I feel the most ‘me’ in.

I want to know when you feel the most beautiful? What makes you blush and what colours bring out your best self? Please let me know!



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