The Neighbourgoods Market is located on Juta street, in the centre of Johannesburg city. In between streets of beautiful colours, interesting architecture and lots of people, lies this secret alleyway that has become the place to be seen on Saturday mornings.

Walking up towards the entrance, you are welcomed with the prettiest lights hanging above, which continues throughout the whole market. The entire decor incorporates wood and crates, which creates a very rustic feel. This, and the carpark in which the market is situated, works so well together, and it really is like you’re in another world.

There are two parts to the Neighbourgoods market – the bottom level which is a whole array of different foods. From Lebanese to Indian, and everything in between! And the upper level, which is on the roof of the building, mainly sells clothing, jewellery and other goods like that. These stalls are under cover, but then there is a section that is open and showcases a magnificent view of the city.

It’s always a good idea to get there when they open, around 9:00, as it gets insanely busy during the day. And then it can be pretty difficult to get food!

Deciding on what to eat is another obstacle to get over – although a really nice obstacle at that! When you arrive on an empty stomach, EVERYTHING LOOKS AMAZING and if you’re like me your eyes become a lot bigger than your tummy…

There’s ice cream and crepes and shawarma’sĀ and samoosa’s and salads and pastries and paella AND AND AND the list goes on! There is honestly something for everybody and for every taste bud. Also, something for every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert) Did I mention it was hard to choose?

Once we had actually made up our minds (we had crepes and these pastry things with fillings inside) we headed upstairs to enjoy some of the other goodness the market has to offer.

They have a lot of really interesting and different things being sold. There was this one stall that sold all these stunning, vintage clothes. It was extremely tempting.. My friend Nabila, and I, found a few really incredible pieces – in deep reds and burnt oranges. The most stunning colours for autumn and winter.

I absolutely loved spending my Saturday morning here. It’s refreshing to go into the city and see some of the amazing things that are going on. There is a lot of creativity and vibrance nestled in between these streets, and if you look in the right places, you’ll stumble across some gems.

The market had a really fun atmosphere, with the people working at some stalls singing in sync now and then, and just being extremely jolly. We even got to have a taste of ‘happiness’! Basically doughnuts but without the hole, sprinkled with icing sugar, and cut up into little cubes. So delicious!

Have you ever been to Neighbourgoods market? I would love to know what your experience was like! If not, give it a try on your next free Saturday morning! And make sure you get the crepes. You won’t be disappointed!


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