Sometimes when you’re in a rush between work, university and going out, you want the quickest way possible to change your day makeup to evening glamour. The secret is that you really don’t need to redo your whole face – although that sometimes feels better. But by using a few key products, your whole look can be transformed within 15 minutes! And in this post I’m going to show you how 🙂

I started off with my natural makeup that I had been wearing for the day. Some Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation (NC20), filled in eyebrows, mascara, blush, highlighter and contour. But for the evening you want something darker, bolder and more glamourous. However, you don’t really have two hours to spend on blending and concealing and all the crazy things us ladies do!

The great thing is though, that you really don’t need two hours to create the look you want. All you really need is some darker eyeshadows and a darker shade of lipstick. It’s really that simple.

Using Mirantur Beauty Boutique’s  Subtle Tease palette, I applied a soft beige and a darker brown to the outer corner’s of my eyes, as a base for the darker black shadow.

Over this, I applied a dark greyish/black (1st row from the left, last shadow in the row).

The harshness of this shadow creates solid edges that need to be blended out. For the blending shade, I used a mixture of the three shimmery shadows from the Subtle Tease palette (in the last row from the left, the last three shadows in the row). This blending creates the transition shade from the black, to the natural colour of the skin. That’s why it is so important to blend! Leaving harsh edges makes the look seem unpolished and untidy.

For the inner eyelid shade, I used a beautiful lilac from the same palette. In the second row from the left, the first shadow in the row. This colour has a lot of pigment and it works so well with the darker black eyeshadow. It creates a beautiful pop of colour, in contrast to the dramatic darkness.

Once this is applied, I used the same shimmery blending shades to blend the line between the lilac and the black eyeshadows. This also softens the transition between them and makes them flow into one another.

For my bottom lash line, I took some of the black eyeshadow, mixed with the dark brown from the beginning base shadow, and smudged it across my lash line with a soft, small blending brush.

And then the last little touch of eyeshadow was from the Mystery palette, also from Mirantur.

I applied this beige/gold shadow, with the white and blue speckles, on the inner corner’s of my eyes. This shadow is absolutely amazing and so pigmented! It’s definitely one of my favourites.

For the finishing touches of the look:

I used the Black Waterproof mascara from Mirantur to just enhance and increase my lash volume. I applied Bronzer number 3 from Mirantur – in Gingerbread. I used this slightly over my existing contour and on the apples of my cheeks, to warm them up. Because it’s got a very red/brown undertone, the bronzer works really well as a blush, and can be used around the temples and forehead to warm up the face. And for my highlighter I used a Shimmer Stick, also from Mirantur. The Luminescence in Gold. I really love this for highlighter because it’s so easy to apply and it’s insanely blendable.

I then also applied a little bit of concealer just underneath my eyes, to wake them up slightly and cover any fall off from the black eyeshadow.

And finally, my favourite lipstick and lipliner at the moment: Stone from Mac. This is the perfect shade for those dark, grungy type looks. It’s so different and it doesn’t dry out your lips! WINNING 🙂

I left my eyebrows exactly as they were. I only brushed through them to set them into place once again.

I hope you enjoyed this post! See how quick and easy it is to go from a day look to a night look. The biggest thing is just making sure that you blend out the black eyeshadow. And that’s it!

I would love to hear your feedback and comments if you’ve tried this! Otherwise have a beautiful Sunday everybody 🙂


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