I hope you are already smiling at this and your day has been made better already!

I’ve promised myself that this year I will make an effort to change my mindset, and to consciously try my best to change bad days around. So far I think it’s going well. Strangely enough I’ve learnt a lot more about myself in the past month, than in the past couple of years. And with this, I’ve learnt of ways to calm myself down in the midst of awful days. I hope you can relate!

1. Buy beautiful stationery and light your favourite candles

I know I’m a little too obsessed when it comes to stationery, but something about new notebooks and pens soothes me. It doesn’t necessarily have to be stationery, it can be anything that you have an interest in. Find what that is, and spend time focusing your attention in this area.

When I’ve got my coloured pens and beautiful notebooks set out on my desk, next to my vanilla scented candles, I’m happy. This takes my mind off of whatever has been bugging me, and for a little while I can rest calmly in knowing that I can sit and do what I love: write.

2. Write down realistic goals for yourself

I always used to listen to people saying that when you put down your thoughts into writing, it makes them more realistic and achievable. This holds a lot of truth! As my stationery love grows stronger and stronger every year (literally), the more I can write down the better. I’ve never properly written out my goals though. But this year I’ve decided to. And there’s so many ways you can.

I write down small monthly goals that I know will challenge me, but will be so worth it. And then I also write down daily goals. Things like, drinking a certain amount of water and eating more fruit. Believe me, it’s so satisfying when you put your ideas and wants onto a piece of paper where you will see them everyday. And the task of sitting down and doing this is actually so stimulating and motivating, it will make any day seem so much more positive. Start writing out what you can do, rather than dwelling on what you cannot.

It may seem odd to some people, writing down seemingly obvious things such as “be unapologetically me”, but it can be very easy to forget. However the more you see it and become aware of it, the more ingrained it becomes within you.

3. Read books that make you happy and that make you feel

I love reading. It’s one of my favourite things to do. And I enjoy quite a wide range of genres. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and read something really girly and romantic. Marian Keyes comes in very handy here, as she writes books for women who want a laugh and a relaxed read. I read these kind of books especially when I’m having a horrible day, because they’re generally pretty lighthearted and so cute.

Other times I enjoy deep books, books that are written with so much emotion and passion. These are books by Khaled Hosseini and Paulo Coelho. I love how both these authors make you think and at the same time possibly move you to tears. It’s beautiful how books can do that.

The thing about books is that there is a path that guides your mind – the words – but it’s also very much up to you to imagine the way everything is happening. This is amazing because you can leave your own world for a while, and enter someone else’s life. Crazy what words can do!

4. Smell the roses… Literally

If there’s one thing that makes me happy, it’s flowers. Or more particularly roses. It definitely doesn’t need to be this for you. You could hate flowers but love the sky. Whatever it is, bask in it and embrace it. When I sit outside and look at the garden and admire the flowers, I’m always in awe of how beautiful nature really is. And there’s a sense of refreshment while sitting outside. It’s like your body recharges, your mind clears up and your mood shifts.

This is important for off days. It’s hard to pull yourself out of a dark mood once you’re already in it, but if you can manage to sit outside in some fresh air, and think of three things you’re grateful for, it’s quick to realise the off mood you’re in doesn’t matter that much anymore.

5. Whatever the question, dogs is the answer!

In my family dogs are basically humans, and I love it more than anything. Animals in general have the most beautiful souls and can really feel when you’re not having the best day. I’ve read so many cute things about humans and their dogs who try to cheer them up, and my heart literally warms up.

Noodle is our Golden Doodle (cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle) and she’s possibly the happiest dog on earth. When you wake up in the morning, she jumps on you like this huge bear and she has the biggest smile. It’s the best way to get up. If I’m sad, I hug her, and she actually puts her paws around me!

I think it’s so important for everybody to have a Noodle in their life. She’s just so full of joy and energy, nothing ever brings her down! This is definitely my number one way of being cheered up on a bad day. A furry friend’s cuddles and some tea, and you’ll be good in no time!


Noodle and I would love to know what you do when you’re having a bad day – and if you try any of these, let us know!



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