A few months ago I went to my first Master Class hosted by Gina Myers, celebrity makeup artist. I have been to two more since then. I think it’s safe to say that either I really love Gina, or they’re some damn good classes… In this case, both are true! If you’d like to have a read of the first one that happened at Acorn Lane, take a peek here.

This past week’s event, however, was a little different for me. Gina phoned me a few days before, asking if I could take some photos – How insane is that!? So even though I was hanging more to the back, I still felt like I got the front row experience!

As always the masterclass took place at an amazingly, beautiful venue. It was in Houghton, at Dr. Reza Mia’s offices. Dr. Reza Mia was one of the classes incredibly generous sponsors, and everything he offers is fantastic. One of the most sought after of his treatments are the IV Infusions. Each different infusion is used for a different problem area, such as energy and ageing. Just like at Gina’s first masterclass, all the guests had the opportunity to try one of these infusions. And this was only one of the many exciting things that all the ladies were spoiled with.

Bare Beauty  had set up in the front of the venue, selling mostly Kylie Jenner cosmetics and Huda Beauty. The website for Bare Beauty has recently launched too and it’s incredibly exciting, as us South African’s can now get our hands on all these international brands! It was very hard to resist at the masterclass too though, as they were having some discounts for the evening. (Did I mention being a woman is expensive?)

Sorbet was another sponsor, who generously provided a few of their lovely nail ladies to come and pamper everyone.

This had to be one of the best parts: all you had to do was choose your desired colour, sit down, and let the pampering begin. LITERALLY. While your nails were being painted for you, the one beautiful Sorbet lady came behind you to give you one of the best neck massages! If this isn’t true relaxation then I don’t know what is.

While all this nail goodness was happening, hairstylists from Ginger were also working their magic next door. Using Glampalm  to curl and style all the women’s hair, everyone was looking absolutely stunning before the class had even begun!

Gina was recently announced as the brand ambassador for Glampalm here in South Africa, and that’s truly exciting. So for all of the ladies who had not had a Glampalm experience yet, they had the option right at their fingertips at this masterclass. Also, the truth is in its name – GLAMPALM 😉

The night began as it usually does with Gina – with a bang! Before much else happened, the first giveaway (a Glampalm!) was done. Everyone had to dance and the best dancer would be the winner. Luckily for everyone, DJ Kimmy K was in the house and so good tunes were not lacking.

And finally, Gina properly started her class. As always she makes sure that everyone knows at the beginning that the point of the whole event is to have fun, be yourself and feel beautiful. I think this is one of the things I admire most about Gina – as a person and as a makeup artist – she encourages individuality and confidence. Without feeling confident in your skin, no matter how much makeup you throw on, you will struggle to feel 100% beautiful. But as soon as you look after your insides too, it will reflect on the outside.

One of Gina’s favourite quotes is: “Nothing like a red lipstick to conquer the world”, and with this the class was off!

The model for the evening was Taryn – super beautiful and friendly. Gina worked on her in the front of the class, while a close up was displayed on the screen. The look was a daytime look that Gina went through step-by-step.

What I love about these masterclasses is the fact that you bring your own makeup to use. It just makes so much sense to rather be taught how to use what you already own, than have so much knowledge based on all these fancy products you’ll probably never get.. True right? That’s exactly what Gina’s aim is. Of course she does make her products available to all the women if needed. Her assistants for the evening, Christine and Carly, were also there to help anyone who wasn’t exactly sure how to do certain things. (I think they were kept the busiest when it came to ‘eyebrows on fleek’!)


Overall though I think Gina does a pretty good job of explaining, seeing as everyone always looks so stunning afterwards! She only does the application to half of Taryn’s face however, and leaves the other half to do with everyone else during the second session. (After a really, realllllly good dinner!)

We were provided with vegetable pasta and salad for dinner. And for dessert, chocolate cake, eclairs and chocolate-covered strawberries! My mouth is drooling while typing this…

Taryn’s half finished face ended up like this:

With or without makeup she looks gorgeous. But seriously, how talented is Gina?

She stuck with colours like cranberry, deep reds and purples, that are all in this season. And she also reminded everyone that when doing makeup, the aim is to enhance and not to cover up. That’s beautiful isn’t it? We shouldn’t want to cover up, but rather embrace our features and love them! And that’s precisely what has been done in this photo of Taryn.

After everyone had eaten and were ready to start doing their own makeup, it was another good time for a giveaway. Again, the ladies had to do something crazy to be the winner. This time two girls had to apply lipgloss onto each other, one at a time, with closed eyes! It was really hilarious and definitely made for a good atmosphere to start the makeup.

The rest of the evening consisted of all the women doing their makeup, having the option to ask Gina one-on-one questions about makeup and just enjoying themselves while doing it. The champagne was flowing and the laughs were too, and this is really what a masterclass is all about!

If you ever get the chance to join one of these, it’s so highly recommended. Like I said, I’ve been to three. And each time I learn something different. Even if you know more about makeup than anyone else, you’re guaranteed a night full of laughs and most of all, confidence. And THAT’S beautiful.

Thank you for another wonderful night, Gina. 



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