I’m really, really excited about this look! It was definitely time to play around with a more intense, bold look, and also, AIRBRUSH! So hence, this makeup came about… I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Before applying makeup in the morning, I always cleanse and tone my face. This creates the perfect canvas for an even makeup application. No matter how much makeup you apply, if you do not look after your skin, your application will never look flawless.

I use the Urban Decay b6 spray before any moisturiser or primer. This spray is so amazing for mineralising and providing the skin with vitamins. It also smells so lovely. Then I’ve been using this Catrice primer ‘Prime and Fine’, which goes on right before my Matis moisturiser. I also then apply some Eucerin eye cream. This product is one of my favourites! I started using it at the beginning of this year (it’s never to early to start using eye cream…) and it’s great for moisturising, helping with discolouration and attending to those under eye bags. Lastly, don’t forget your sunscreen! This is so important, even if the weather is cloudy – surprisingly that’s when you burn the most!

For my dry lips I’m using the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (Amazing). And I also apply a tiny bit of the Bobbi Brown Pore Perfector cream around my nose.




Now, for the extremely fun part…



For those of you who don’t know, applying makeup with an airbrush is done through this gun-like gadget. It comes out in little speckles that eventually add up to create a solid colour. What is awesome about airbrush makeup is that it lasts a lot longer than normal makeup – so it is loved by brides and people who require makeup for extended periods of time. It is also amazing for good coverage that doesn’t look caked on.


I mixed these two colours to match my skin colour (003 Ivory and 006 Toffee). The right amounts are poured into the top, round bowl-like structure on the airbrush gun and then voila! It’s applied to my face, keeping the airbrush gun about 10cm from the face.



Then these colours were used for my highlighter – 084 Contour Light – (above the cheekbones, down the nose, a little on the chin and on the forehead), contours – 087 Contour Deep – (just underneath cheekbones, slightly on the sides of my nose and a little around the edges of my forehead) and my blush – 052 Copper Bronze – on the apples of my cheeks. These beautiful colours can be purchased off the Temptu website which I will link at the end.






So the airbrush is generally only used for foundation, highlighting, contouring and blush. The eye makeup, eyebrows and the rest of the face is done as usual. But airbrush is also absolutely amazing for special effects looks, avant garde and things like that. 🙂

In between changing colours, I use the Temptu airbrush cleaner which goes in where the foundations go. This makes sure that none of the colours will mix if I don’t want them to.

Now for my eyes:


I had so much fun with this part! I used some purples and gold, for something different.

  1. On the base of my eyelid I applied my general nude/beige colour.
  2. Then on the outer corners, moving into the crease of my eyes, I applied a mauve and a darker brown, blending out.
  3. On top of that and more into the crease, I applied a deeper purple/plum and a deeper brown. I took the plum lightly all the way across my crease, to the inner corner of my eyes.
  4. And lastly, I applied a beautiful cream, shimmer to the middle of my eyes, in the centre of the lid.





Then using a Kiko gel eyeliner, I created a wing. I didn’t take it out too far though, just still made the point nice and fierce!


For my bottom eyeliner, I did something quite different and I really liked how it turned out. I used the Mehron Mixing Liquid and a gold Mehron pigment. I mixed a bit of the liquid to the pigment to create a very thin paste, and I used this as a liquid liner along my bottom lash line, taking it past the outer corners of my eyes to meet up with the black gel liner from my top lids.



On my lips was a mixture of three colours from the Mehron Day Lip Palette:

  1. Autumn Sun
  2. Sun Burst
  3. Cotton Candy




One thing I never use on myself is false lashes, but they really made such a difference to this look. I used the ‘Lengthening’ strip lashes from Eylure – just bought at Dischem.

And for the rest of my face I applied my usuals:







If you want to give airbrush a try (which I highly recommend), or even just drool over all the incredible products that Temptu has to offer, visit their website here! You will be amazed at the range of goodies they have to offer 🙂 And don’t forget to let me know what you think!

Thanks for having a read 🙂 And enjoy the rest of your week!



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