There’s such a distinct serenity in sitting outside around sunset, during the springtime. This was me on Sunday. It’s very special to be able to live in a country where the sunsets are absolutely magnificent all year round, and also to have a springtime that’s warmer than a lot of places’ SUMMERS!

Considering all of this, I thought that since spring is upon us, what a great chance to write about change. All the flowers are blooming, so why shouldn’t we? (That was cute, don’t lie) This is a rather scary topic for me, as I have always dealt with a certain amount of anxiety and therefore anything unfamiliar to me is always a big NO. However, a lot has changed in my life over the years and I have always managed to deal with it somehow. This year in particular, I have learnt a lot about change – mainly that it’s a good thing, and not something that’s meant to scare us. I think majority of this newly acquired knowledge is due to me starting university this year and being introduced to so much diversity. The first half of the year was damn scary, and I really didn’t enjoy it. But slowly, something changed. (See…It’s inevitable) And I have learnt to flow along with this, and just be.

Anyone who struggles with change will not be a stranger to the overwhelming sense of uncertainty that is change’s best friend. Being happily accustomed to something that is now going to be altered is a big thing. There are so many instances: leaving school after matric, leaving primary school to enter high school, leaving your childhood home for a new, unfamiliar setting… All my examples seem to be with leaving – that’s just a coincidence. However, it makes sense, because with change comes movement. The gradual journey from a place of comfort, to a fresher, newer place of the unknown.

This journey is unavoidable; but magically, that’s the best part! Being forced into accepting change (as harsh as that may sound) creates a space in which you have the opportunity to grow and embrace what is coming, and rather to learn from it. Throughout all my own changes in my life, I have 100% always learned so much. Of course at the time it always seems like the most impossible thing, but eventually, when you come through to the other side, you’re like “hey! go me”. Well, this is what I feel 😉



For what my small two cents is worth, if asked what my most important tip is for dealing with change, I would have to say just embrace it. I honestly do believe that everything happens for the perfect reasons and at the perfect time. And my mom also once told me the best thing in grade 8, that I will never forget: There will always be moments in life where you feel extremely low and like nothing in the world is going right, but equally, there will also be many moments of pure happiness, where things just seem to go perfectly. These two always balance each other out. So always, always remember that during the bad moments, there are better ones coming, and that is promised.

For those of you who struggle with the same things I do: you are never alone. But just keep in mind that you grow so much when you’re not in your comfort zone, and I can vouch for this! So put on a pair of comfortable shoes and tackle this journey of inevitable change. I believe you can!



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