For all you fellow Southern Hemisphere dwellers: I hope you are as excited as me about the upcoming months of Summer! As it is the start of this wonderful season (well, it’s Spring, but close enough) I decided to share five of my favourite clothing items that I have bought over the years! I hope you enjoy.

1. Black Top – The Lot


This top is incredibly beautiful. I found it at the beginning of this year at The Lot in Rosebank. I am a huge lover of all things lace, so the detailing on this top captured me immediately! Two aspects make this top extremely popular right now: for one, the over-the-shoulder look has been massive internationally. And then also the flared sleeves – such a simple touch that makes it so flattering.

IMG_2360IMG_2361 IMG_2363


2. Lace Jumpsuit – Forever New


I bought this jumpsuit a few years ago, I think! And it’s been a must-have for every summer since. Again, it’s a beautiful lace material. I love the cream colour – it allows you to dress it up completely for an event, but is also wearable with messy hair and flip flops. (Which is what we ultimately want during South African summers…)




3. Grey Skirt – H&M


This is honestly my favourite skirt of all time! It’s so pretty and girly, but it’s really cool because it can also be played down a lot. I got this at the end of last year, for half price at H&M. It’s one of the easiest things to wear – just throw on a JT with it and you’re good to go. This winter I wore it quite a lot with stockings and boots, and I’ll certainly be prancing around in it a lot within the next few months. I love its shape and flow, and really just how versatile it can be – for both summer and winter.



4. Black High Waisted Shorts – Cotton On


This has been my favourite pair of shorts, ever. Never have I found a pair that fits me so perfectly, are so comfortable and just look exactly the way I want them to. Until I came across the bad boys! They have a kind of stretch to them that definitely makes them all the more comfy. I literally wear these everywhere – to the beach, if I’m going out, on a regular day at university or even just chilling at home. They really are the perfect pair.

IMG_2378 IMG_2379


5. Salmon Sandals – Mr Price


My new favourite pair of shoes! I bought these a few weeks ago and so I hadn’t really had a chance to wear them, since it was still chilly. But finally, my feet have been introduced to these beauties and I’m so pleased. They are extremely comfortable – they’re like that squishy (kind of) feel – and I really am in love with their look. I’m even tempted to go back and buy them in the other colour, I think it was a beige!

IMG_2382 IMG_2383 IMG_2386


These are really just a few of the items I’m loving right now. After writing this it’s become clear to me that I really like clothing that is comfortable, and very versatile. I guess that’s not a bad thing! I would love to know what your summer staples are?

Thanks for reading!


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