I’m really excited to share this post with you guys! So I do hope you enjoy…

Often after a long day, when my makeup is a little faded and I don’t really feel like starting again for the evening – I like to do a few things that quickly liven up my face and take it from day to night.

Firstly, the products I’ve used are: An eyeliner from Mac, in the shade ‘Stubborn Brown’, lipstick in ‘Velvet Teddy’ also from Mac, a taupe/light beige matte coloured eyeshadow and lastly, a shimmery shadow for highlighter.

And here’s what I do:





Before concealing, touching up foundation, blush, etc, I apply a thick line of my brown eyeliner pencil. Starting from the middle of my eyelid, to the outer corner of my eye, up and around, back to the middle of my lid but on the top this time.


Eyeliner’s are amazing, because depending on the formula, they can be really easy to blend.

This brush below will be your best friend forever when it comes to blending! The fluffier, the better.

You blend in exactly the same shape that you’ve applied the liner. Also, depending on how dark or dramatic you want your eyes to be, you can add more liner or even opt for black.

As well as applying the eyeliner on the top lid, I apply on the bottom lash line for a more emphasised eye.


Once my eyeliner is blended out the way I’m happy with, then it’s time to apply the soft beige, matte shadow. This step can also be tweaked according to what look you’re going for. A more dramatic eye would look beautiful with a glittery or shimmery shadow on the lid of the eye. But for my example, I’m sticking with my neutrals!







Now my eyes are done, it’s time to conceal, freshen up foundation, apply some more blush and highlighter. For the highlighter, I’ve used a beautiful cream-coloured shimmer eyeshadow. It’s insanely pigmented and works SO WELL as highlighter! (This is one of my favourite things about makeup, products can be used in so many different ways) As you can see in my pictures below, I use this shadow the most because it’s so. damn. beautiful.





And after coating some mascara and putting on some luscious lips, you’re ready to go!

This is my quick take on transforming a simple day look into a subtle night look – obviously it’s completely up to you to decide how dark you want things and whatnot, but this is a fun guideline and a really cool way to use eyeliner!

IMG_2108 IMG_2109 IMG_2113








I hope you have enjoyed this look and come back for another Monday Makeup soon! Have a beautiful week 🙂


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