If you’re like me at all, you probably love fashion, but you’re also probably too scared sometimes to wear certain things. Somehow I’m starting to find ways to push myself into doing things that would usually make me uncomfortable, in the hope that I’ll grow more rooted into the person I am and the things I like – otherwise known as my style.

It definitely does help having a fashion designer as a mother (thanks mom), but that doesn’t necessarily mean free clothes. Actually, it very rarely means free clothes! Because designing is her career and not her hobby, she’s pretty much always busy making clothes for other people. But! There are some days (which are not very often) that I’ll be in her shop – it’s Frock You Up on Facebook, go and have a look! – and I’ll see something I like and she’ll be the awesome mom who gives me free clothes! 😛

The olive green pleather pants you see in these photo’s are such an instance. Firstly, for those who don’t know: pleather is pretend leather. Yes, that’s a thing 😉 Secondly: How beautiful are they?


They have a slight shine which makes me feel like I would rather stick to wearing them for evening than during the day. But why!? This is what I’m taking about – being too scared to wear certain things at certain times or to certain places. It’s time to grow out of such thinking, because really, as cliche as it may sound: life seriously is too short to not wear whatever you want… That’s just my two cents anyway 😛



Leave me a comment if you’re a fellow ‘wear-what-you-want-type’! I’m really striving to be authentically me and you’ll probably see me speak about this a lot on here, purely because it’s important to me and also because I think it’s amazing when people are uniquely themselves, regardless of who is around. YOU DO YOU. There’s your motivation for this upcoming week!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and my pleather look 😉  Until next time!


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