For those of you who don’t know, Mozambique – or Maputo, more specifically – is home number 2 for me. My dad has lived and worked here for the past few years, and every holiday or chance I get I make my way up to this exotic and all-year-round summer destination.


If you have ever visited Maputo, you won’t be surprised to know that most of this city is unfortunately largely┬árun down and slightly in chaos. Although, so much construction is taking place and there are some really beautiful buildings going up, which is very exciting to see for a city that has so much potential.

Whenever I come here I make sure that we visit my favourite cafe in the whole of Maputo. It’s called The Dhow and is situated up quite high, so that you’re in the company of this magnificent view that overlooks the bay.


It’s a really diverse little cafe and the huge swimming pool that welcomes you when you walk in is just one element that makes this place unique. There’s also a shop that sells really stunning furniture, clothing and household goodies that give you the feeling of being somewhere in Greece… That’s certainly how it makes me feel! Along with this, there’s two cute animals that always grace the guests with their presence: a cute, fluffy white cat (usually I’m not one for cats, so you know this one has to be extra cute for me to mention) and then a little doggie that has 3 legs, but always appears to be so happy!


Dhow13 Dhow12

Dhow2 Dhow1

I think the reason why I love visiting this place so much is because it’s extremely tranquil and relaxing. It’s not often that you can have lunch while gazing out onto the ocean; these days are treasured!

Dhow4 Dhow3My sandals were bought from a flea market in Maputo – how fun are they?





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