A Day With Gina Myers #ginasmasterclass

For those of you who don’t know Gina Myers, (guys, get out from under your rocks!) she is South Africa’s top celebrity make-up artist and the national make-up artist for Elizabeth Arden – not to mention, just flat out the coolest person ever!

On Sunday she hosted her first ever masterclass, and I was so excited that I managed to book a spot in time – tickets were limited and ran out so quickly!

The event itself was planned and hosted by Events By Courtneigh (@events_by_courtneigh) at Acorn Lane Guest Estate, in Sandton. It was so beautifully done, with Elizabeth Arden moisturiser samples upon arrival – suited to your own, specific skin type – and then champagne as well! I mean, this wasn’t even within the first half an hour of being there! AMAZE 🙂

Before the actual masterclass began, there was a whole lot of awesome stuff going on – Sherbet Angel Salon was doing nails, Ginger hairstylists were beautifying the women’s do’s and the line to get one of the Revivme treatments was ridiculously long! (These treatments are boosters and hydration, along with a whole bunch of other amazing benefits – for more info follow @revivmesa) All the sponsors were amazing and definitely left all the women feeling like a million dollars…

And then finally, when 11:00 came around, it was MAKE-UP TIME! The whole atmosphere in the marquee where the class was held, was just incredible. There were rows of tables set up with make-up mirrors on them and goodie bags (YES! Goodie bags – with amaaaaazing discounts from the unbelievably generous sponsors!) Gina’s sister, Kim, was the DJ for the day, and the music was pumping, getting all the ladies hyped up for what was to come. Everything just worked together so well!

And then finally, the master herself: Gina, takes the floor!

Gina started off her class with a quote from Elizabeth Arden herself: “To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman” and this was the theme throughout the day. She had a really gorgeous model to work on, and step-by-step she went through a natural, day look. We all brought along our own make-up, because Gina’s goal was to show everyone how to make use of things already owned, and possibly just lying around. She also emphasised the importance of owning your womanhood and rocking your confidence – this was probably one of my favourite elements of the class… She’s such a woman!

Acorn Lane provided a delicious vegetarian lunch during our break – pasta and salads and couscous and so much yumminess! They even had meringues and red velvet cupcakes, in the most stunning display.

After the greatness that was lunch, we had the second session of the masterclass. This was where Gina showed us how to turn our natural, day look into a bolder, darker, night look.

The whole event was absolutely stunning! I mean, for one thing, we got to learn the inside tricks from SA’s top make-up artist – how cool is that? Two important things I will always live by now thanks to Gina is: Blend, blend and blend some more! And of course, less is more.

For any of you make-up loving addicts, be sure to look out for the next #ginasmasterclass, because it really is a day worth experiencing. Plus, all the sponsors had AMAZING giveaways at the end of the class. And anyway, which woman wouldn’t want to spend her Sunday at a gorgeous venue, being pampered and feeling beautiful? I know I would like all my Sunday’s to be like that!

Gina, thank you for your endless knowledge on beauty and your incredible being. We love you!


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